Let the world spice up your life



Our Vision

Small Bridge’s unique service empowers talented teachers and aims to enrich the lives of students who seek that special “spice” of knowledge and experience form around the world.

Our Business

Online Lesson Platform Cafetalk

We host one of Japan’s largest online lesson platforms with over 100K students learning a wide range of subjects from English to piano. If you’d like to spice up your life with new knowledge or would like to teach a subject check us out at https://cafetalk.com

Corporate Language Learning Solutions

If your company, school or organization requires customized language lessons from trusted and motivated tutors we can help you plan and deliver internal curricula based on your exact needs. We provide language lessons to multinational corporations including Line Japan.

Web-based Japan Market Entry Services

Leveraging our own knowledge and expertise in Internet business, we can help companies deploy their services into the Japanese market through multiple web-based channels such as web sites, blogs and social media.